You own a coffee shop or restaurant and your menu lists pizza, because your customers asked for it and you did not want to miss out on an opportunity, but you are also aware of the major headache involved in this. The large footprint of the equipment, training staff to prepare pizza, the time required to prepare pizza, customer complaints regarding burnt pizza or it not being tasty as the previous time they ate there, and the list goes on and on.Would you believe that another way is possible? Donna Italia offers a unique and dedicated solution for restaurants and coffee shops that enables them to keep pizza and Italian food on the menu and save all the financial hassles and headaches involved. The Donna Italia solution for coffee shops and restaurants includes:


  1. A small but sophisticated pizza oven that does not take up valuable floor space.

  2. A portable oven that can be easily moved from place to place.

  3. Complete professional tool kit (from professional slicer to take-away box).

  4. Savings in time and money vis a vis training skilled staff to prepare pizzas.

  5. A quality product without preservatives, baking enhancers or sugar.

  6. A technology that enables producing a uniform product each time.

  7. Specially destined advertisement service include costumer brand visibility.

  8. Professional close guides by Dona Italia professionals.


Now your only headache is where to list the pizza on the menu.


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