We know what you, the senior management of fast food companies or convenience stores, are going through. The customer sits in your store and you need creative ways to increase your turnover, on the one hand, and to provide real tangible value to the customer on the other hand. You need to do all this emphasizing quality and speed. If one of these components is missing – the entire structure will not survive in your store. You are absolutely right.


The Donna Italia revolutionary solution enters into the equation precisely at this point.


From now on, it is possible to serve excellent Italian cuisine at every convenience store, fast food outlet or cafeteria, without a large capital outlay.


Imagine what would happen to your sales if the time it takes for a customer to gas up his vehicle was the time you could offer and supply him with a fine Italian pizza.


Three minutes. Zero floor space. No capital investment. Italian quality in your store.


You are welcome to contact us and join millions of customers throughout the world who enjoy quality Donna Italia Italian pizzas.




If something sounds too good to be true – check it out.

Maybe it is simply Donna Italia working for you.

You are invited to contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.


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