The world of functions has become a festival of culinary innovations and gimmicks. Owners of function halls continuously attempt to find the product that will increase financial turnover and create the desired operational look for customers and guests.

At any time and at any place, pizza is a sought after product, but obtaining Italian pizza in the middle of a private function is an awesome and pleasant experience.

Donna Italia identified the need to provide quality and dynamic culinary solutions that will allow you to upgrade your offering to your customers and to provide them with a enriched function and you with additional income.

Donna Italia developed a total solution for function halls and gardens, that provides a one stop Italia cuisine shop.

If you want to serve your guests quality Italian pizza without extensive logistics and financial outlay, you are invited to test drive the Donna Italia solution.


How does it work?


You get the following from the Donna Italia Company:

  • Small portable Italia brick pizza ovens that operate using an innovative and unique technology.

  • Fine Italian pizza pies that are delivered in their final form.

  • Complete professional tool kit (from professional slicer to take-away box).

  • Completing the baking process and serving the pizza to the guest within only 3 minutes.

  • Simple and enviable operation.

  • Specially designated advertisement Package include customer brand visibility, rollups, designed and branded stations and more

  • Full service and close quarters and professional accompaniment at your function hall or garden.


What would you do if we told you that there is no capital outlay involved?


Seeing is believing.



If something sounds too good to be true – check it out.

Maybe it is simply Donna Italia working for you.

You are invited to contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.


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