Italian cuisine and pizza has, for a long time, not been the exclusive property of Italians. Tourists everywhere love to eat Italian food. As you are no doubt aware, people eat more on vacation, much more. Food is an important part of vacations and people enjoy food just as much as the hotel itself.


But you and us both know the problem. The desire to add pizza to the menu involves a heavy investment and the same question is always asked: Is it a viable financial proposition to leave pizza on the menu? How can we streamline? Are there alternatives?


Donna Italia presents the tourism revolution


Italian cuisine, where you want it on the hotel premises, without any capital investment.

The Donna Italia company works with international hotel chains and understands a hotel’s needs. Donna Italia also understands the limitations resulting from operating such a complex system and therefore built a total solution that enables hotels to serve an Italian product that complies with all aspects of their highest standards.


Operationally sensible – we will give you everything you need so you can focus at your core business – exceptional customer experience with minimum operation.  Small floor space footprint, easy to operate and portable equipment; complete professional kit including destined knifes, timer, cutting surface, spices, take-away cardboard and more; whole advertisement package which includes room service cards, rollups, designed and branded stations and more. The Donna Italia solution enables pizza to be served anywhere in the hotel easily, conveniently and at a low cost. In addition, the Donna Italia technology allows this to be done without the special training of dedicated personnel.


Economically sound – The total Donna Italia solution does not demand capital expenditure and it also includes a complete advertisement package to help you tell your customers about the new service without increasing expenses. Thus, Dona Italia solution facilitates a significant income stream within a very short time while taking almost zero risks.


Personnel – The Donna Italia solution saves a great deal of costs involved in the service operation of preparing and delivering pizzas. Our solution allows you to generate additional turnover per person using the current personnel in other functions. The reason is that preparing Donna Italia pizzas does not require know how, ability or special expertise. All that is required is a pair of hands and the ability to move. We do the rest.


Quality Control – The Donna Italia revolution depends, first and foremost, upon the quality of its products. We strictly ensure compliance with stringent international quality standards and, whatever hangs in the balance, we will never serve products that we wouldn’t serve to our own children. Donna Italia pizzas are made from the finest ingredients and do not have added sugar, baking enhancers or preservatives.


Customer experience – By means of the Donna Italia solution, we enable you to significantly upgrade the customer experience at your hotel. The upgrade results from the simplicity of our solution that enables you to serve pizza, as part of room service, at no extra cost, even in the middle of the night, to serve pizza ordered around the pool without any complicated logistics, or at any other place that you desire.


Let us do the work for you. You will reap the compliments.


Want to hear more? Feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will come to you to let you smell the revolution up close and personal.



If something sounds too good to be true – check it out.

Maybe it is simply Donna Italia working for you.

You are invited to contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.


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