Donna Italia has become a dominant player in the international food market within a very short period of a few years. Millions of customers around the world enjoy the company’s products through thousands of commercial enterprises making use of Donna Italia’s services.


Some of the commercial enterprises on the Donna Italia customer list are large food chain stores, international retailers, leading, world wide hotel chains, leading entertainment organizations (such a theme parks), etc.

How was the idea born?

The revolution fashioned by Donna Italia throughout the world results not only from the simplicity of the idea and the ease of implementation. The company understood that the consumers’ love of Italian cuisine in general and of pizza in particular spans cultures and continents.


However, this love conflicts with profound implications for places of business, heavy investments in real estate and in expensive equipment, in skilled manpower, in sizeable inventory and in long preparation times, with the objective of serving a quality product to their customers.


Donna Italia manages to change all this

How do we do it?

The Donna Italia revolution is concealed in a simple and available solution, a solution that does not require any significant financial investment on the part of the customer, yet allows the customers of the business to enjoy the quality taste of pizzas and the exquisite flavors of Italian cuisine.


The Donna Italia solution includes everything a company needs to offer its customers an Italian menu, in one place. The Donna Italia solution suits any business that services consumers directly, whether a leading international chain of hotels, theme park or local coffee shop chain.


  1. Small but sophisticated equipment – equipment that does not take up a large amount of space, and saves rental costs and, in parallel, is not dependent upon operating skills and allows a uniform product to be produced every time.

  2. The quality of the product – the dogma of Donna Italia managers is respecting its customers. We don’t serve products that we would not serve to our own children. Therefore the company strictly ensures that all its products do not contain additives such as sugar, baking enhancers and preservatives. Furthermore, Donna Italia strictly ensures that the products will reach its customers in their final form. Prior to serving the product to the patron, the place of business needs only to add baking to the product.


In this manner, we are able to serve millions of customers around the world, through a broad range of businesses. Donna Italia is proud to serve hotels, convenience stores and fast food operations, coffee shops, restaurants and bars, function halls and even companies that are looking for a way to pamper their employees at the office.


Donna Italia – revolution never tasted better



If something sounds too good to be true – check it out.

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