The largest budget item in any multi employee business organization is payroll. Work time costs the company money and is a crucial and even decisive factor in the success of the company.


So what do you do with the fact that people need to eat? And enjoy the food as well?


One solution is to bring in pastries and sandwiches and nibble on them during meetings or take a break and have lunch in a nearby restaurant. Such a break, in the midst of marathon discussions, meetings or work breaks the continuity and wastes precious time and affects work productivity.

The worst case scenario is, because of a shortage of time, employees (and of course executives) skip lunch and thus adversely impact on their health on the one hand, and the quality of their work on the other hand.


What is the solution?

Donna Italia offers the company a pizza service for the office.

The unique Donna Italia solution allows senior executives in the company to slip a culinary largesse into the office routine, in the form of Italian aroma. From now on, in the middle of an endless work day, the company can turn out quality Italian pizzas within 3 minutes and pamper all the employees.

The Donna Italia solution does not take up floor space, does not require significant capital expenditure and does not require know how in pizza making.


What does it require?

The Donna Italia solution requires a love of pizza, the desire to pamper the employees and a basic understanding of our unique cost / benefit ratio.


What does your office get?

  • A small Italian brick pizza oven.

  • The best ingredients that a true Italian could get hold of.

  • Quality pizza ready in 3 minutes.

  • Complete professional tool kit (from professional slicer to take-away box).

  • A seemingly skeptically simple operating procedure.

  • Internal advertisement package so that your employee will know about that.

  • Close quarters and professional service and accompaniment at your place of business by Dona Italia professionals.

  • No capital expenditure.


If you want to join hundreds of thousands of people who each day enjoy quality Italian pizza at their place of work (and we don’t mean restaurant employees) and to find out more regarding our solution for your office, please contact us.



If something sounds too good to be true – check it out.

Maybe it is simply Donna Italia working for you.

You are invited to contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.


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