Our pizzas are genuine Italian pizzas made of the best ingredients Italy has to offer.

We strictly ensure that this is the case.

The pizzas are poduced in Italy and prepared from true Italian flour blends, olive oil, sugar free dough, natural delicate tomato sauce and a 100% real Italian mozzarella cheese.


Our production process consists of a unique and first of its kind technology that, inter alia, includes extended and natural dough rising processes without baking enhancers and without preservatives.


At this point in time, pizzas are manufactured in two sizes:

Because of the natural ingredients and the special preparation process, our pizzas can be kept for 18 months in deep frozen storage -18֯ C and will still taste like they were prepared and baked a few minutes ago.

Upon defrosting, the pizza will last up to 48 hours in the fridge, in excellent condition.

Personal pizza
Double pizza


Oven Characteristics:

Donna Italia supply small but sophisticated equipment – equipment that does not take up a large amount of space, and saves rental costs and, in parallel, is not dependent upon operating skills and allows a uniform product to be produced every time.


Dona Italia offers different ovens for different outlets

Donna Italia Express oven

Donna Italia Express oven is perfect for any kind of business, starting small cafes and restaurant  and up to hotels and big events.

Donna Italia Express oven is small, space saver and mobile. Moreover the Donna Italia Express oven is quality and reliable which bakes great tasty pizza.


  • Baking time- 3 min

  • Easy and friendly operation

  • Space saver

  • Mobile

Donna Italia Single Deck & Donna Italia Double Deck

The new stone oven manufactured in Italy is integrating the leading technology in pizza baking with a state of the art design.


This winning combination enables the speed and simplicity of preparation, without giving up a perfect baking result as pizza should taste, as well as the accessibility of the product at the POS.

The ovens can be obtained with one baking chamber, and with two backing chambers, according to the customer  needs. And in three different colors: black / red / cream.


  • You can bake several pizzas at a time.

  • baking time of 3 minutes.

  • Advanced control panel that allows programming parameters and save them even after the oven is switched off. Enabling optimal simplicity and convenience without the need to set anew.

  • Full digital display shows the temperature inside the baking chamber continuously, as well as other relevant data. Ovens with two baking chambers have a separate control panel for each cell.

  • Our ovens have four sensors in each baking chamber allowing optimal precision heat relations between the the stone and the upper heating elements.

  • Illuminated baking chambers.

  • There is no need for a dedicated electrical infrastructure.

  • does not apply multi-spot on the work surface.

Donna Itaia Express oven
Donna Italia single deck
 Donna Italia Doppio
Donna Italia double deck



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